Listen anywhere. Open music links in any app.

Music is best when shared. With MusicMatch, friends can share and open music links even if they use different streaming services, like Spotify and Apple Music.

How It Works

1. Receive a link to a song, album, or artist from a friend
2. Copy the link to clipboard
3. Open MusicMatch
4. MusicMatch will automatically open your preferred app

You can also use our web tool or Safari Extension.

Safari Extension

By enabling our Safari Extension, you can open music links in your preferred streaming app without ever opening MusicMatch.

MusicMatch supports the following apps.

– Apple Music
– Spotify
– Pandora
– Amazon Music
– YouTube Music
– Deezer
– Tidal

MusicMatch is powered using the Apple Music and Spotify APIs in conjunction with Odesli. If there is a service you'd like us to add support for, get in touch.

Start testing by downloading MusicMatch on Apple's TestFlight.

1. Tap this link to download TestFlight
2. Come back and tap this link again to join the MusicMatch beta

Contact us for help with MusicMatch. If you have suggestions for how to improve MusicMatch, get in touch.

Privacy and Terms

Privacy is a right, and MusicMatch honors that right.


MusicMatch does not have a user database and collects zero usage analytics – anonymous or otherwise.

The MusicMatch website is built with Any usage is subject to their privacy and terms. We neither added nor modified privacy-related infrastructure to the MusicMatch website.

Email correspondence is retained to ensure quality and enable follow-up communications.


MusicMatch uses the Apple Music and Spotify APIs in conjunction with Odesli (Song Link) to power the music link conversion.


Last updated Jan 21, 2022
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